This set is part of my current personal
collection and can be for sale if the
price is right.  I used the #P145 silver
pattern with matching accessories
sheet.  The tooling pattern has edges
stitch marked, shell tooling bordering
the basket weave in center.  I made the
stirrups adjustable.  There is a realistic
latigo on the near side and I made it so
it appeared to be sweat stained- like a
real one would be.  I added decorative
“flower” cut leathers under each concho
pin along with hang down leather points
with silver tips.   There are also some
nail heads under the gullet piece for
added realism.  The upgraded bozal
sports a 3 tone color combination of
brown, black and natural waxed threads
and the headstall has matching sliver
from the halter plates sheet.  The
mecate is the only thing I didn’t make
myself-(and the only part of the set that
is not for sale) it was made by on of my
clients, the talented weaver, Jacquee’
Gillespie.  She actually took tail hairs I
sent her from my 3 real horses and
braided them into the heal knots- Way
cool!  The saddle pad I also did some
upgrades to- the tooling pattern is the
shells with stitch marks- curved cuts, a
Rio Rondo cinch slot with concho on top
for the silver and black mohair tassels.  
This set has helped my horses NAN and
win performance championships at
several shows.
Sweat stained latigo…