T-scale Western Working Saddle
Set with added Breast Collar

This was a custom order for a client in
California.  She wanted a working set
that would be appropriate for just
about any Western event.  I took
inspiration from a real life set that she
had liked.  Made on a Rio Rondo resin
tree this saddle is in dark brown oil that
is mostly tooled (all but the lower
skirting) in acorns and oak leaves and
has a rope border with stitch marks
thought.  The seat is made with
smooth leather out instead of the
rougher sueded side.  She added a
hind cinch and breast collar and the
bridle was made with tooled rope with a
brow band and throat latch with
working tongued buckles, a Rio Rondo
bit and braided floss split reins.  A
plain Hunter Green Saddle pad
completes the look.