Micro Mini Western Saddle Set

When people see that I make Micro Mini tack, the first question they ask is if I’m totally insane - the next is how I
can see to make something that small.  The answer to the first is = most likely a Yes!  The second is that I take my
glasses off- no magnifiers needed- just my naked eyes!  I suppose my being nearsighted has helped my vision for
the close up work.   This saddle set has been part of my personal collection for years.  I made it for the jogging
Western Pleasure Horse.  It is in light oil that is fully tooled in basket weave and has a black suede seat, silver
stamped foil for the silver and has one ear bridle with a handmade curb styled bit and braided thread for reins.  I
paired it with a purple saddle pad with wear leathers and concho.  It always gets people talking!