The Park Avenue ~

This is the most detailed and loaded saddle set
I have ever made!  I usually keep sets as nice
as this in my personal show string for a while-
but I decided to offer this brand new set to you!

No detail was left undone and this set is
dripping with up-grades and silver too!  I added
all the bells and whistles to this one & you will
see these up-graded options:
Bozal with a black mecate rope- tied the correct
way! Dripping with silver- of course!

All the new silver that Rio Rondo makes- the
corner plates and accessories plates are in the
#P147 Brocade pattern and it has not been
trendily blackened.  I wanted this set to withhold
the test of time!
Hundreds of tiny stitch marks in all the right
places to complement the brilliant fully tooled

The near side has a real latigo billet- and ties
like the real ones too- my advice is to keep this
side tied up and tack up on the off side so not
to disrupt the perfect tie.  The off billet has a life
like attachment tie.

The stirrups are both adjustable- they are also
turned to fit the riders legs as you would in a
real set.

I spared nothing when pairing the saddle with its
saddle pad- Everyone who has seen my saddle
pads knows that they are by far the most
life-like in the hobby- I chose my popular
Blackberry color and the wear leathers have
matching shell tooling and incredible stitch
marks.  I also went a step further and made the
concho very unique adding 2 light green and 1
light purple crystal on each side.  The curved
sides of the leather backing are mirrored on
each side of the wear leather for a more
finished look.