CLASSIC Born To Be Wild – Freestyle Reining Set

I made this set for my own personal collection.  I wanted a saddle that had something different than the norm-
hence the motorcycle handlebars… Patterned after a real saddle that I saw that had been modified to compete in
the AQHA World show in the Freestyle Reining class- Where a horse and rider team perform a reining pattern to
music and they also dress the part.  The real life rider actually did have handlebars attached to the pommel and
the reins were held on top of the bars!  It was so cool and I just had to try to replicate it in model scale.  I used
parts from a toy motorcycle and made a leather base for it and went to town with the tooling, black dye and silver
studs and stars!   The saddle pad also has silver stars in the corner and the bridle is one ear style with silver
plates at the cheeks.  I have shown this on my OF Breyer Dun sliding stop reiner and have won several NAN’s and
even some division championships with this set.