Pebbles Western Working Saddle Set

This set was made for a client in England that wanted a light oiled working set that looked like it had been used and actually *ridden in*.
 To achieve this goal, I did a light brown dye wash in some areas to appear sun aged and actually roughed up the leather in common
wear places with sandpaper.  I did some minimal tooling on the seat jockeys and stirrup fenders and full basket weave tooling on the
lower and upper skirting.  There are stitch marks though out the set.  She wanted extra rings to attach things to so I added extras on
the top skirting and made the rear cinch slot slightly bigger to accommodate the removable hind cinch.  The bridle is one ear style with
split leather reins and bit is a Rio Rondo curb.  Added to the set is the tooled Y shaped breast collar and a tie down.  The Saddle pad
is in Red in my Deluxe style and the concho has a tiny red rhinestone center.
Pebbles Scale Western Boots: Splint,
Skid and Bell Boots