T-scale & Classic Catalogs & Books

Lifelike Horse Books- in both Traditional and Classic scales. Please note- These are NOT
REAL BOOKS- just their miniature look-a-likes.
These can be used any number of ways and countless set-up options.  They would work
great for fun and games classes-

I first intended these for the Catalog Race and I can also include a live show explanation
card for use in live show set-ups in that event- for an additional $1.50

But they can also be used as a reference for a riding lesson set up,  or something for that
extra touch of realism in any scene class.  The possibilities are really endless!!!

They currently come in 2 sizes- Traditional (do not open) & Classic (open with blank pages

Pick from these popular real life equine book titles in T-scale: $5 ea.

The Noble Horse- sold

Teaching Basic Jumping- sold

The Handbook of Showing-sold

A Dressage Judge's Handbook- sold

Intermediate Riding Skills

The New Book of the Horse

The Anatomy of the Horse- sold

Judging Hunters and Hunter Seat Equitation

Making Your Own Jumps

Dressage- the Art of Classical Riding- sold

Western Riding- sold

Natural Riding-sold

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage

Trimming and Clipping

The Basic Guide to Horse Care & Management

Fitting Tack

Beds & Bedding

The Horse in Sport

Saddleseat Equitation-the Definitive Guide- (Hellen Crabtree)- sold

Horse Conformation- sold

Preparing for a Show- sold

America's Long Distance Challenge- sold

Riding Long Distance- sold

Driving the Light Horse

Manes & Tails

Centered Riding-(Sally Swift)

Classic Scaled Books: $3 ea.

Schooling Young Horses

Horse Psychology & Ground Work

Dressage Horse

Fitting Tack

The Best Start- John Lyons

untitled- John Lyons

Trimming & Clipping