LSQ T-scale Ride-A-Buck

New prop from C. Sloan Originals- a T-scale Dollar!
 This can be used in may different situations-as it is
in-scale money- the possibilities are endless, but
-my intention here is to use it as the buck for the
Ride-A-Buck class- This is a real event- I show
Paint horses and we have used it for years as a fun
class!  Trust me- its a lot harder than it looks!

The PERFECT Other Western or Other English
class!  Ride-A-Buck is a fun class where a rider
rides his horse bareback and a dollar bill is placed
between his leg and his horse.  The class is called
like the Egg-N-Spoon class- thus can be used with
a horse in ANY gait-and whoever drops their buck-
is out- last one with the buck still under their leg is
the winner!  

The first *Buck* is $1 +s/h, if you want a second
one, I'll sell that one at 1/2 price!  I can also print
out a live show explanation card for you too at an
additional $1.50.