T-scale Window Pane Hunter Jump

This jump is one of the first I have ever made and it is part of my personal collection.  I wanted a
classically styled jump and use some sort of dollhouse element in it as well, hence the green
window panes and fencing.  I made a couple of green logs and a gingerbread styled plank in
brown to swap out as I like.  There are 2 long brush boxes made to look like shutters that are filled
with purple, red & white flowers with greenery and 2 smaller green matching flower boxes that sit at
the base of the 2 picket fences.  I also made a couple of flower pots to flank the standards.  I have
successfully shown this jump to help NAN my English horses countless times and have used the
flower and log elements in several other different events from Trial & Dressage to Western Riding.
 I could be tempted to sell this set if it is the jump for you- just LMK!