T-scale Harley Davidson Sponsor Jump

This jump has been part of my personal show string for quite some time.  I wanted to do a cool sponsor
jump with Harley motorcycles.  I used their logo in the standards and made a unique plank out of a
scrapbook motorcycle and made 4 striped logs in black, orange and silver. Only 1 log shown but I made
4 so I can use them for trail too! I made 2 brush black boxes and 4 orange wooden flower pots and filled
them in orange and black silk flowers and a touch of greenery.  A toy model Harley motorcycle brings a
touch of realism to the jump as often times a sponsor jump will have the item they are advertising next
to it.  A set of flags and number marker complete the jump set.  I have used this to help NAN my OF &
CM Strapless English Horses many times over and have won countless division and overall
championships with its help not only in the jumper class but also in Trail events with the logs and flower
combos.  I could be tempted to sell this set if it is the jump for you- just LMK!