Stablemate Viva Las Vegas Jumps

I have always been a big fan of all things Vegas- it’s
such a fun city!  I have made a couple of jumps that
illustrate some of the flash and excitement of the
town and here are a couple.   I used some of my
favorite lattice standards and added some hot pink
boa styled feathers to the top and some Vegas
plastic 3-D buttons to the fronts.  There are holes in
the top of the standards so a pot of flowers can
easily fit inside to add some height and color to the
standard.   I painted these pots purple and the
flowers are in yellows, purples, and oranges with
greenery and, of course, those hot pink feathers
found their way in the mix too.  The Top picture has
some showgirl headdresses in the flowers too.  
These pots can be removed and used for larger
scaled horses if wanted- I always like versatility in
my props!  I made 4 striped poles painted white with
purple and hot pink accents.  Each jump also had a
plank style element with the same colors- just a tad
different in style so no 2 jumps are exactly alike.   I
also made 4 small purple painted flower pots to
flank the standards and to be used in other events
like Trail.  Number 7 (you know it HAS to be lucky
#7 for Vegas!!) marker and directional flags
complete the look.  I have since sold the top jump to
a client that lives in Las Vegas and she is just in
love with it.  The other one is still part of my
personal show string and has helped NAN may
horses time and time again.