T-scale Hunter/Jumper Jump with Scrolled Wood

This jump was made for my personal collection to be useful for both Hunters and Jumpers with
interchangeable pieces.  I made the standards out of scrolled wood and stained them a medium brown
color and drilled holes for removable jump cups to be used that I also made.  There are 4 striped poles in
stained wood background with purple and green stripes on them, and one long plank with carved grape
vines that are painted in matching purples and greens- to be used for Jumper classes.  Four solid wooden
poles (not shown) are also included to be used when it’s set up for a Hunter class.  There are 2 long
flower boxes made of stained wood and containing greenery and purple flowers along with 2 stained wood
baskets with matching greenery and purple flowers.  Directional flags and number marker completes the
set.  I could be tempted to sell this set if you think it’s the jump for you- just LMK!