T-scale Hunter/Jumper Jump with Hanging Baskets

This was a custom order for Lisa Bickford who saw
another jump I had made similar to this and fell in love
with it.  Since I don’t do exact repeats- I had to change
hers up a little bit with a different top to the scrolled
wood and the flower baskets are a different shape.  I
used some scrolled wood in the middle of the standards
and stained them a medium brown color.  I made them
hold flower baskets at the tops and drilled holes so it
could accommodate removable pin style jump cups that I
also made.  This jump has several different pole options,
there are 4 striped green and purple and stained
wooden ones, 8 solid stained wooden ones and she had
me make 4 red, white and stained wooded poles for
another project.  I made 2 different planks for the jump;
a lattice one to be used for Hunter set ups and a carved
stained wooden one with painted purple and greens in a
scrolled design.  For the flowers, we have the 2 hanging
baskets with greenery and purple flowers and 2 stained
wooden flowerpots and one long stained wood flower
box with greenery and purple flowers.  Directional flags
and number marker completes the set.