Pebbles Scale Nappa Valley Jump: Wine A
Bit- You’ll Feel Better

This is a very unique jump in Pebbles scale-
Included in the set are 2 wooden stained
standards with Nappa Valley and grapes and
wine barrels on one and a table set up with 2
glasses of wine, a bottle and a wine rack on the
other.  There are 2 different ways to set this up
so you don't have to do the same thing every
time- I get bored-so I figured I wasn't the only
one- LOL!  So- You will get one plank that has a
nice vineyard and valley on it and a long wooden
box of flowers, 2 stained brown logs and 4 potted
plants in brown stained pots.  Flags and the #4
marker are also in the set.  This jump is available
for sale ~ if you would like to make it part of your
next winning string- LMK!