T-scale White Scolly
Wooden Jump with
Green & Yellow accents

This custom order was
fashioned after a real jump my
client really liked.  I made this
one an Oxer with 4 standards
and I made the removable pin
style jump cups so it can be
easily changed for the height
requirements of each
individual horse used.  4
striped poles accompany the
set in colorful Yellow, Green
and White.  There is also a
white gate with a scrolled
diamond shape in the middle
to change it up a bit.  For
flowers, I made 2 brush boxes
with greenery, yellow and
white flowers and paired those
with 2 white clay pots with
matching flowers to complete
the look.  4 solid white poles
will also come with the jump so
it can be used in Hunter set
ups for maximum versatility!  
Jump flags and number
marker were also included.