Stablemate Spooky Halloween Oxer Jump

This is a jump that I made for my personal collection a few years ago and it has helped NAN my horses
several times over at live shows.  It has 4 creepy gate standards with gargoyles guarding the fence tops.   I
made 3 poles painted black with white dry brush effects and 1 plank with the same paint along with the RIP
in black.  There are 2 long flower boxes with the same painted effects and greenery with white dried daisy
like flowers.  For a touch of creativity- a Grim Reaper figure holds the number marker and I like to
accessorize the jump with several other spooky resin figures like the Dracula opening his coffin and
tombstones and sometimes a Mummy and a black cat appears here or there as my mood strikes.   Flags
are also included in the set.  If you like this jump and would like one similar to it LMK as I do have materials
& figures to make more.