T-scale Yellow, Light Blue and White
Scrolled wood with Hanging baskets
Oxer Jump

This was a commission piece from a client
in KY that wanted a jump to resemble some
she had seen at a real jumper show.  She
liked elements of a couple different jumps
and we put this idea together.  Made to
accompany her Timepiece resin and a top
of the line English Saddle set I made her,
this jump has it all!  It consists of 4 identical
standards with intricate wooden cut outs
and hanging flower baskets painted in
white, light blue and yellow.  There are 4
striped poles in matching colors and a
scrolled wooden painted plank.  I made 2
long brush boxes in yellow and 4 blue
flower pots to decorate the base.  The
flowers are a tasteful mix of greenery, blue,
white and yellow flowers.  A set of flags and
number marker completes the jump.  The
cups are removable so there are countless
ways in setting this jump for competition so
no need to get bored- for example- with 2
sets of standards- one can set up 2
separate jumps for 2 different horses and
get 2 jumps for the price of one!  This was
a really fun jump to make and I’m sure it will
help rake in those NAN’s!