A T-scale Dressage Base with White Lobster Cage styled rails and several flowers:

This was a custom order for a client that wanted to be sure not to have her Dressage rails slip if the table
was bumped.  The base is made of wood and I painted the edges with a copper/gold and added sand
footing.  It has holes drilled on one side so the rails (with pegs) can fit tightly in place and the 2 rails fit with
a peg together.  There are 3 flower arrangements in clay pots and 2 flower arrangements in square resin
decorative flower boxes.  Each flower arrangement consists of matching dried purples and grey/white
flowers and greenery.  There are also 2 lattice styled columns that have holes in the top to accommodate
the clay flowerpots.  The client already had Dressage Letter markers so there wasn't a need for more.   
The other pictures show details of the flowers and such.
Various T-scale

Here we have some
flower arrangements
in both clay pots and
an upgraded square
shaped resin flower
box.  They are real,
dried flowers in
purples, whites and
grays with some
greenery.  Also
pictured are 2 lattice
columns where the
pots can fit inside to
holes in the tops."