T-scale English Saddle Set

This is one of the first English saddle sets I made in T-
scale.  It’s dyed to a rich dark brown with light brown
under the seat.  It is built on a handmade tree with seat
and knee padding and features stitch marks, knee rolls,
Rio Rondo buckles & my hardware and TWMHC Full
Cheek Snaffle Bit and Irons.   I added elastic to the girth
near the buckles and hand stitched at stress areas.  To
fit the Cleveland bay- I made a second identical girth
but in Extra Large size.  The bridle has laced/stitched
reins and raised leather on the brow band, nose piece
and reins.  I made a fuzzy white saddle pad to complete
the set.  I have since sold the bridle but I still have the
saddle in my personal show string and it has helped
NAN my OF Strapless countless times and she has won
numerous performance division championships and
overall championships.