Micro Mini/Mini Whinny Saddle Seat Saddle Set

When people see that I make Micro Mini tack, the first question they ask is if I’m totally insane- the next is how I can see
to make something that small.  The answer to the first is= most likely a Yes!  The second is that I take my glasses off- no
magnifiers needed- just my naked eyes!  I suppose my being nearsighted has helped my vision for the close up work.  

This particular saddle set has been part of my personal show string for years.  I made it out of brown leather and has D-
rings for irons and a tiny leather double bridle with braided thread for reins.  I made the Weymouth combo bit with wire
and the cinch and bridle attach with a bit of sticky wax at just the right areas.  There is a lot of detail in something so small
and always turns heads.  I have successfully NAN’ed a couple micro’s with this set- even against the Traditionals!