Large SM/Curio Scale Dressage Saddle Set-
Super Deluxe Style

This was a custom order for a client’s Mini Caprice
resin.  Made in my Super Deluxe Style, this Dressage
set features all my bells and whistles.  It is built on a
tree and has the seat built up underneath and has
stitch marks, knee rolls, separate flaps at seat jockey,
Sulser irons, and the bridle has tons of details too-
adjustable slip buckles with keepers at the cheeks,
noseband and throatlatch (also with white padding
added), braided floss reins and my O-ring snaffle bit.  
The leather girth easily attaches with sticky wax under
the seat flaps but has realistic faux buckles to
resemble the lower riding Dressage girths.  The
saddle pad is contoured to the saddle shape and
features a black piping along the border.
SM Dressage Saddle Set

Made for a customer in Luxembourg.  Its my
Super Deluxe style in black with Sulser irons,
Knee rolls and the girth is accented with faux
buckles- it actually attaches between the flap
and pad with sticky stuff for the simplest of
tack-ups.  The bridle features a O-ring bit
with faux buckles at the throatlatch, white
padding at the brow and noseband.  I added
a nice white fuzzy saddle pad complete with
black piping.