Stablemate English Saddle Set-
Super Deluxe Style- In Brown

Saddle set for a custom order for
my client’s Sheza Little Pebble
resin.  This set is my top of the
line- Super Deluxe Style in Brown
leather.  It is built on a tree and
has the seat built up underneath
and has all my bells and whistles-
stitch marks, knee rolls, separate
flaps at seat jockey, Sulser irons,
and the bridle has tons of details
too- adjustable slip buckles with
keepers at the cheeks, noseband
and throatlatch, braided floss reins
and an upgraded Sulser Full
Cheek Snaffle Bit.  The leather
girth attaches effortlessly under
the near side flap with sticky wax.  
The saddle pad is white fuzzy
fabric and it’s attached to the
saddle so it’s less likely to slip or
for you to lose it.