T-scale English Saddle Set with tons of upgrades and

This saddle set was made for a client to fit her Timepiece
resin.  She wanted the total works in the set and that is what
we did!  This is probably my favorite English Saddle I have
ever done.   It is in my dark brown color and has lighter
brown oil on the underside of the saddle and seat padding.  
Here are the upgrades from the Basic English saddle set:

Knee rolls, Stitch Marks, Raised Leather, Laced/Stitched
Reins, Open front boots and ankle boots, Figure 8
noseband, Running martingale, O-ring bit, Lollipop Riser
pad, Bridle & Back Show Numbers.  I also added stud hooks
to the reins at the bit attachment- pix of this are on the bridle
page.  The jump is detailed in another page as well.
T-Scale Ankle Boots

Leather ankle boots that have been
stitch marked with suede on the inside
and handmade buckles.  These went
with matching open front boots.