T-scale Figure 8 English Bridle
& Stud Hooks at Reins Views

This Figure 8 bridle was made to
go with the Timepiece Saddle Set
on the other page.  The figure 8
cavison is an upgradable option
on my English bridles.  It has
raised leather at the brow and the
buckles are by  Rio Rondo.  I
made the O-ring bit and the reins
have laced/stitched reins and
since the set had a standing
martingale I made safety guards
so the rings don’t slide up the
entire length of the reins to  
interfere with the bit and throw the
rider.   There are also Stud hooks
at the reins.

Below, you see a closer look at
the Stud Hooks I can add to any
English bridle at the rein
attachment- so you can swap out
reins if needed and they act just
like real English rein attachments
with the hook and keeper combo.  
This is now an upgradable option
to my English bridles.  This option
is only available on T-scale and
Classic sets at this time.